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Webinar Library

Webinar Library

May 10, 2021

Today on the Blog - introducing the Paladin Webinar Library.

Since the pandemic began, Paladin financial advisors have made access to financial education a priority. Throughout the last year, we've hosted 19 live webinar events. The Paladin Webinar library hosts seven webinar recordings for you to watch anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.


Savvy Social Security - Watch Time | 30 Minutes

Learn about strategies and steps you can take now to get the most out of your Social Security benefit later. Watch here.

Medicare Basics - Watch Time | 28:11

Applying for Medicare can get confusing. Let's get back to the basics: When, How & What to apply for. Watch here.

Debt Management - Watch Time | 26:19

This webinar will get you started on reducing debt with helpful budgeting tips, calculators and tools. Watch here.

Your Roadmap to Retirement - Watch Time | 23:02

You'll learn about the value of a retirement plan analysis by following along in Lisa's journey to retirement. Watch here.

Maryland State Pension - Watch Time | 18:44

The Maryland State Pension - What's in it for me? Learn more about your Maryland State Pension in under 20 minutes. Watch here.

7 Roadblocks to Financial Success - Watch Time | 17:31

Get inspired with this new webinar. Simple steps to tackling common struggles that get in the way of financial success. Watch here.

Taking Advantage of Your Employer's Retirement Plan - Watch Time | 12:36

It's time to start taking advantage of your employer's retirement plan. But, where do you begin? In this webinar you'll learn about what you can do now to start investing in your future. Watch here. 

Educating yourself on these important topics is the first step to being the Champion of Your Financial Life. The next step? Booking a retirement plan analysis with a Paladin financial advisor. 

Complimentary retirement plan analysis includes:

  • Initial discovery meeting.
  • An estimate of your MD State Pension benefit.
  • Calculations of the savings you'll need for your retirement years.
  • A recommended investment strategy.

Book your meeting today.