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We do the heavy lifting for you. Help your employees Champion Their Financial Life.

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What plan is right for you and your employees? We're here to help you all retire well. 


A team of qualified independent advisors is ready to guide you and your employees to retire well. As the local PlanMember Financial Center in Maryalnd, you and your employees have access to a variety of services.


Personal relationships come first at Paladin Advisor group. Advisors meet with your employees regularly to keep their finances in step with their personal goals. It's all part of the Paladin Experience


The Paladin Experience is effective. Personal annual review meetings and ongoing financial education brings employers and employees to their ultimate goal:

Champion Your Financial Life.

How it works.



We work with both you and your employees. It's through personal relationships that we discover who you are and guide you to a path towards your retirement.  



Our advisors create a holistic retirement plan with you and/or your employee. Adjustments are made on a regular basis and our office is just a phone call away. You and your employees are never left in the dark about your retirement plan. 



Annual reviews and ongoing financial education provide you and your employees with the support you need to feel confident about Championing Your Financial Life. 

We also offer a website full of resources and support for you:

We're with you. 

Contact our office today about setting up a plan for your employees to

Champion Their Financial Life. 


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